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Welcome to
Global Snack House

We are an importer, exporter and distributor of food and beverage products. We specialise in the snacks sector, in particular healthier alternative snacks. We are passionate about helping the world consume healthier snacks and about helping the creative manufacturers of those snacks break into new markets.  

Our mission is therefore to place unique, high quality, delicious and healthier alternative snacks in new countries and establish them as successful household names there. We currently have a strong network in certain European and South Asian countries. We are headquartered in London, U.K. 


We partner with manufacturers across the globe. We consider ourselves to be a genuine partner rather than just a purchaser. If we believe in you and your product enough to partner with you, we will work tirelessly to prepare and present you and your product for the best possible chances of significant, widespread and long-term success in the relevant market.

We proactively assist with, among other things:

1.  Regulatory compliance
2. Certification
3. Labelling
4. Branding (including IP rights) and marketing
5. Recipe adjustment
6. Quality control
7. Operational improvements

We take a genuinely long-term view in relation to our partnerships and our partners’ products. Unlike some other companies, we do not seek to make a quick and short-term profit at your expense. Therefore before launch, we will ensure that you and your product are perfectly ready to successfully penetrate the market, and post-launch we will present, sell and market your product accordingly. We will also endeavour to make your product appeal to the widest possible market.

Needless to say that our support will be available seven days a week


We cater to all types of retailers, from large supermarket chains to smaller specialist stores. We are keen to help you expand your range of international and healthier alternative snacks.

We ensure that the products we distribute are of great quality. Before partnering with any manufacturer, we diligence the company, its operations and sourcing and manufacturing process. Even after entering into a partnership, we continue to work with them to ensure consistent standards.

We also commit to stability and reliability in our operations and supply.

Needless to say that our support will be available seven days a week

Our Product Categories

Savoury Crunch

Fruity & Sweet

Energy & Protein